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Don’t you hate it when bloggers get all self-important and write about how bussssyyyy they are and how they just haven’t had any tiiimmmmeee to write and they are OMG sorry because clearly you have nothing better to do than hit the refresh button eleven bazillion times desperately waiting for a new post?

Yeah, me too.

Oh my gosh, you guys!  I have just been so busy at work and stuff and haven’t had any time to write at all and I’m so sorry to disappear off the interwebs for 2+ weeks!  Again!

Nah.  If I’m being honest, I have been busy, but not too busy to write.  More like … too bored to write.  And uninspired.  Most week nights I don’t get home until close to 9pm – mostly working late but also doing really exciting things on the other nights.  Like laundry.  Or going to the gym.  And since we have determined that I am not a healthy-living blogger, or a laundry blogger (that really should be a thing because what?), I didn’t think it would be very interesting to hear how I stationary-biked for an hour while watching Property Brothers.  Which leaves me to talk about work (nope) or cats (okay, yeah, I like that).  Because at the moment this is my life.  Work. Cats. Gym. Laundry. Lots of HGTV and also reading.

And the weekends … eh.  I’ve had a couple of great ones (hi, Liana!) and mostly boring ones (hi, Couch!).  I coulda shoulda blogged about Valentines Day (sweet date at the museum) or my birthday (whoops! also, sweet date at a different museum) but now it’s been several weeks and oh yeah I should probably change my banner because I’m thirty-freaking-two.

Operation GMSTA is plugging right along, although it has slowed a bit (see HGTV comment above).  I have made progress on my sunburst mirror, but stalled on finding new glasses because I am vain and don’t like them on me.  Also, I’m not sure why it continues to shock me that life keeps … happening.  Like, I somehow expect to finish crossing things off my to-do list and suddenly be done?  So, Operation GMSTA is likely to be a long (life-long?) endeavor.

I do think I might maybe probably pull the trigger on a ticket to Norway to see my family this spring.  That would be pretty sweet.  (And also holy hell those prices are scary so I may have a slight panic attack just after purchasing and just before celebrating. gulp).

Other than flights across the ocean and homemade mirrors, I think I am feeling particularly stuck right now – which is probably why I’ve not written much lately.  But, you know, such is life, and sometimes you have to accept the mundane.  As evidenced by that Mary Tyler Moore Show episode where Mary is feeling in a rut and moves out of her kick ass apartment with the sunken living room and cool bookcase into that dull boxy apartment across town.  You know the one.  I won’t be making any desperate changes at the moment is all I’m saying.

So, yeah.  You are welcome for this word-vomit.  Aren’t you glad I’m back??!  I am!  I hope to word-vomit on you much more frequently, or something slightly less revolting than that.

*PS: I’m sure hearing a girl complain about her mundane life in the same post she talks about buying a ticket to Norway makes you kind of stabby.  I get that.  But, really, it’s more of a deep-down, let’s-examine-my-life-and-dreams-shall-we?, so-about-this-adulthood-thing kind of boredom.  You know?

**And Also: Tonight I left work only a half hour late, went to the gym, showered, cooked dinner, blogged, and am enjoying some beautiful weather with the windows open.  Feeling a bit more like myself.

***Finally: For those who only love me for my cats…

Meet Rascal. He's such a rascal. We feed him. We CANNOT ADOPT HIM SORRY. But yeah, he's cute.