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Okay, so Operation Get My Shit Together Already (GMSTA) is well under way, and I’ve learned something…

Gather around.  Everyone here?  Okay, good.  Now, I’m about to tell you something that will change your world.  Seriously, this is revolutionary stuff, people.  Do you know the best thing to do when you are super stressed out and have a ton of To-Dos hanging over your head? 

GET SHIT DONE.  That’s it.  Just do it already. 

I know, I know.  It seems counterintuitive.  When you have a huge list of things to do, it seems more natural to ignore it, right?  Just … I don’t know, nap or drink or watch HGTV.  But, I’m here to tell you that if you just … take care of business like a motherfucking adult … your mind will be BLOWN. 

It’s almost like by doing stuff and taking care of things – things that you’ve been dreading for probably way too long – your stress just … goes away (or at least lessens to a relative degree to the things in which you are getting done). 

I know.  I can’t believe it either.  But it’s true!

So, where am I on Operation GMSTA?  Well, I’ve really only started, but I’ve tackled some of my most-dreaded tasks at hand, including, but not limited to:

  • Super secret horrible negotiations and other stuff that involves talking to the IRS and various other financial-related institutions for a family member, which I can’t actually talk about here lest I disrespect his/her privacy and also who really wants to hear me drone on about that, right?  But, really, it sucked and I’M SO GLAD IT’S OVER OMG (at least for now).
  • I would like to refer to the above bullet point because that shit sucked and really it should be, like, at least five bullet points but since I have to be super vague and annoying about it I can’t make it that long but really, you guys, I’m so happy it’s done.
  • Started thinking about a plan for paying off my student loans, then got depressed.  Realized I need to redo my budget, then got even more depressed.  Realized I will survive, got a little less depressed, and ate chocolate.

And some not-so-dreaded but still put-off-way-too-long tasks, including:

  • I got started on my sunburst mirror a la Katie Bower and it’s gonna be awesome.  You will totes be jealous of my amazing wood-gluing abilities!
  • I almost finished the picture frame wall above the couch and shall have photos soon … I know, I’m sorry to make you wait for such a thrilling moment.
  • I went to the eye doctor, got a script for contacts (again), tried them for two days (again), realized (again) that they make me want to rip my eyeballs out and also cry, realized (again) that I will have to accept the fact the I need to just suck it up and get a new pair of glasses because seeing clearly is probably more important than my vanity, as evidenced by …
    • the fact that I have been wearing my old glasses (that are at least 7 years old so not even close to the right script) at work and lo and behold I’ve only had three headaches in two weeks instead of the honest-to-god every single day soul-crushing headaches I was getting.  So, yeah, glasses = 1billion, vanity = suck it.

Up next:

  • Taxes.  Still.
  • Finish sunburst mirror!  Rejoice in my amazing new shiny object!
  • Find a yoga class to attend?
  • Organize my file cabinet.  Be amazed at how glamorous life is.
  • Organize my digital photos.  Get lost in a black hole of memories somewhere around 2007 and forget what I’m doing.
  • Clean out my trunk and purge/donate other stuff, too … because I still only have one measly closet for the whole entire apartment and seriously where do we collect all this stuff?
  • Start an investment account despite the fact that I have $0.0 after paying back my student loans.  I’m sure I can find the money somewhere.  Who needs food, right?  Or electricity?  Stop it, I am not being dramatic!

And, that’s it.  I hope this crazy post was worth the two week wait one week wait (improvement!) because apparently I am not the prolific blogger I once fancied myself.  I am, however, really rambly so there’s that.  Peace.