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Friday night Eric’s mom called and said they had tickets to Saturday’s Thunder game against the Knicks.  Eric asked if I wanted to go – actually, he said, “Hey, my parents want to know if we want to go to a Thu-” and I interrupted with a resounding “Um YES!”

I believe we have already established I am a fan.

Bob (Eric’s dad) said the seats were pretty good and he wasn’t kidding.

Eric and I usually sit in Loud City – the (very fitting) name of the nosebleeds.  It’s really not bad up there and we always have a blast, but let me tell you – Club level is pretty nice!  Our view was awesome and several times I elbowed Eric with a “Oh my gosh Serge Ibaka is right there!” or “I can’t believe I can actually hear Harden!”  I totally geeked out.  I even recorded part of the intro:

That part always pumps me up! The game started out a little slow, but before long it was a runaway.  Final score was 104-92 but at one point we were 32 points ahead!  As usual, there were some awesome plays…

… and I had a blast hanging out with these guys.

I had so much fun, although I did get a little spoiled.  Loud City will feel so far away next time!  😉

We got home from the game around 10pm, and unfortunately I had a killer headache.  I have been getting headaches almost daily and Eric really wants me to go to a doctor.  I think it’s just a combo of stress and needing new glasses, but I guess I need to do something because I can’t keep taking BC Powder and ignoring it (yeah, I go old school with my pain killers).

Anyway, I wasn’t feeling up for much, so we just chilled on the couch and watched a new (to us) show on Netflix.  Have you ever seen Stephen Fry in America?  If not you should!  He travels the US, hitting about 8 or so states in each episode.  It was made for the BBC and I find it really interesting to see the perspective as it was shot for British audiences.  We took several big road trips when I was a kid, but most of my adult travels have been via flying.  I’ve always thought it would be a blast to take a big road trip with my significant other (take note, Eric!).  I think a month-long historical road trip would be amazing, starting in the deep south and traveling up to the Boston/Plymouth Rock area – timing it just right to hit New England as the leaves are changing in the Fall.  Or maybe a Wild West road trip (similar to one I did with my ‘rents when I was 14) – white water rafting in Colorado, camping in Yellowstone, touring ghost towns in Wyoming, fly fishing in Montana…  ahhh, I need a trip!

I woke up feeling much better.  Eric and I had a lazy Sunday morning of oatmeal, coffee, and reading.  I decided to go to put off weightlifting for tomorrow and stretched instead.  My new goal is to stretch for 20-30 minutes on the days I don’t work out (I stretch those days anyway).  Stretching, for me, is much harder and more painful than working out.  I lost a lot of my flexibility when I had my back surgery (yeah, eight years ago) and never gained it back – or course, I’ve never really tried.  It’s harder to motivate myself to do it but I really believe that, more than cardio or weight lifting or anything else I do, flexibility will be key to me having a healthy and strong body for life – and for avoiding future back injury.  So, it’s time I make it a priority!

Of course, it hurt at first, but it’s amazing how quickly your muscles open up.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I am obsessed with Katie’s blog, Sweet Tater, and I love her yoga/life posts.  She talks a lot about how yoga teaches you to breathe through the pain and relax your muscles, even when your body’s natural inclination is to tense up.  I kept that in mind as I stretched, and by my second rotation I could stretch several inches deeper without nearly the pain I felt in the beginning.  It felt so good!

Ella even got in on the action.

Later tonight I plan to (finally) start on the sunburst mirror I want to make – inspired by another Katie – this one of Bower Power fame.

For now, though, we’re off to a coffee shop for more reading/blogging/resume-polishing.  Pretty fantastic weekend indeed!

What about you guys?  If you could take a huge road trip (or any kind of trip), where would you go?  Do you like the thrill of the open road, too, or prefer the friendly skies?