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Hi, guys!  Welcome to a completely random post with no direction or real importance.  (Shut it.  My posts are typically super important.)

So, I’ve had a dry spell the last few days.  Couldn’t think of anything good to write.  So I decided to do what all us bloggers do when we don’t know what to say.  Make a list!

1.  Exercise.  I’m doing it.  I fell off the wagon for 2 1/2 weeks, starting with Thanksgiving.  At first I was just busy, then I thought I needed a little break.  Well, I should have known better, because I get a horrible case of inertia when I skip the gym for more than two days.  I labeled yesterday No Excuses Monday and forced myself to go after work.  I’m glad I did, but man it was hard!  I doubt that I got that out of shape from just two weeks off (although the pound and a half of holiday cookies could have done it), so I’m sure it was all mental.  In any case, I’m glad I made that first step back!

2.  Christmas.  Is in just 13 days.  (runs screaming from the room because ohmygod I am not ready even a little bit)

Yeah, haven’t really started on any of my DIY gifts yet, unless you count buying three out of five supplies for only one of the gifts, which I do.  Because I need to give myself a little delusion to get through the season.

Delusion, and hot chocolate…

with crushed up candycane because I can

3.  The Thunder.  It’s happening!  Can’t write this paragraph without using all exclamation points!  AND CAPS!  BECAUSE THEY ARE BACK IN MERE DAYS – WITH A PRESEASON GAME AIRING ON THE 20TH AND THE REGULAR SEASON STARTING ON CHRISTMAS DAY!  IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!

Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

It's ON!*

4.  Food.  Will talk about that in an upcoming post.

5.  Cats.  Will also talk about them in an upcoming post.  Hold onto your pants, because it’s (maybe?) a big one.

Okay, fine, here’s a picture of Ella to tide you over.

I can touch my tongue to my nose. can you? didn't think so. OWNED

Sorry.  You can’t get back the 2 minutes it took you to read this.  They are mine forever mwahahahaha.

* Source