Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I love the songs and hot chocolate and old movies and everything about it.  Of course, it’s also all about love and family and everything being perfect all the time – or so it feels.  It can be a lot of pressure, and all of the holiday cheer can magnify the imperfections in your life.  Honestly, the past few years haven’t been easy and I lost some of my Christmas spirit – but I am DETERMINED to get it back.  I couldn’t wait to dive right into the festivities this year, and last night Eric and I had a lot of fun decorating our apartment. 🙂

We have a tiny tree for our tiny apartment, so it didn’t take too long, but we try to make a ritual out of it.  We had homemade snickerdoodle cookies…

get in my belly!

and whiskey.  Okay, that’s not so traditional, but it sure was good!

get in my belly also!

I originally wanted to go with a “woodland theme,” with a lot of natural elements and greens, golds, browns, and reds, but couldn’t find any decent mini ornaments for our baby tree.  No worries.  I still love the quaint wooden ornaments I bought years ago when I got the tree (little snowmen, bells, santas, etc) and was able to find a few new items to keep things fresh.

To decorate the bookcases, we filled a large vase with green and gold ornaments and put up our crystal candlesticks from Norway, a smaller vase with pine cones, a little Christmas votive from my childhood and a wooden pumpkin I scored half off at Target this weekend.

We also got new stockings this year.  Five or six years ago, I decorated traditional red and white stockings for Eric, Ella and I with glitter and fabric paint – yeah, awesomeness.  I am totally sentimental over them, but also totally over them.  This year I found some cute holiday socks at Walmart to use instead (they were super cheap, too – $3 for two pair).  Eric’s has blue stripes, mine has red, and Ella’s has pink.  I cut three little tabs out of a manilla envelop and pinned our names to them, and hung them in our usual spot above an archway.  I think they are pretty cute.

Oh, and see the little silver reindeer?  I don’t know why, but I coveted him all last Christmas, so I decided to splurge and get him this year.  So cute!

I also made something from Pinterest!  I feel so accomplished.

It’s just a mason jar filled with twigs (I got mine from a bush in our yard), cranberries, water, and a floating candle.  Simple and cute!

Finally, the big star is of course the tree.  We put it on a little bookcase  and draped extra lights around the windows.  Cozy!

And up close …

All in all, a lovely evening.  The only downer was watching our boys (the OU Sooners) get slaughtered by the OSU Cowboys in our big rivalry game.  Seriously, it was so bad that we changed the channel halfway through the third quarter – something we never do.  Oh well, we turned it to a classic Christmas movie to brighten our spirits … The Hangover.  What?  Well, it’s classically hilarious!

Speaking of classically hilarious, I have quite a gem to share with you.  My good friend Brooke’s brother Zach is a dancer in NYC.  Every year, he and his friend put together a video as a funny sort of Christmas card for their friends and family.  This is their third year to do it, and for some reason the video has gone viral.  They posted it to their youtube account Friday morning, by Friday night it was all over the internet and as of tonight has over 90,000 views!  Crazy!

Get ready for the quirkiest, cheeriest, gay-tastic-iness Christmas video you’ve ever seen.  Enjoy!

Yes.  Yes he is, in fact, wearing a leotard and stockings.  I told you it is awesome!

So, anyone else decorate this weekend?  Any decorating-night traditions?