Ahhhh, Sunday.  Today has been downright lovely, starting with a lazy and Pinterest-y morning, followed by a chat with my mom, a trip to the gym, a shower and apartment cleaning, reading, blogging (trying to wrap up the vacation posts), cuddling with Ella, Thanksgiving menu planning (I’m cooking everything but the turkey this year!), and now dinner and some TV.  Nice, simple, and relaxing!  Eric’s been at his parents all day, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed having the place to myself.  And before you think I am mean, I was out of town Friday and Saturday and I know he enjoyed his little break, too.  A little alone time never hurt anyone!  🙂

Ella agrees - Sundays are the best

Day 20: Today I am grateful for quiet, relaxing fall Sundays – it is the small things in life that making living beautiful. 

Your turn!