Oops!  In all the excitement yesterday (and the fact that I get distracted as easily as … oh look! something shiny!), I forgot to post yesterday’s gratitude.  So … today you get a twofer!  You must be so excited!

Day 15:  Today I am grateful for my new sports bra (TMI?) – it is comfy and not a decade old like the last one (okay – now TMI).

not my actual sports bra nor actually me*

Day 16:  Today, I am grateful that I RAN AN 8:56 MILE (my fastest yet)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be running, but I was doing my regular 5K circuit, and just.couldn’t.help.it.  It was like an impulse.  I had to run.  And the only reason I stopped after a mile was because I forced myself, but I felt so STRONG, like I could have run and run and run.  It felt amazing.  (Of course, I know I can’t keep running like that.  I am not going to be reckless, but maybe there is a happy medium between running all the time and never running at all…)

also not actually me, but close**

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Your turn!