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Sorry, kids, for the aweful play on words.  And I’m sorry to the inevitable few who will find themselves here by way of google and Justin Bieber.  I hate to disappoint, but this is not about the Biebster, it’s about the Liebster!

The Liebster Blog Award, that is!  🙂

I would like to thank the Academy and also my Cat

Mommy Doofus from And Baby Makes Three (aka Lakshmistar) gave me the Liebster Blog Award!

(bows humbly with a slight curtsy because I’m awkward like that)

The Liebster is given to up-and-coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers as a way to recognize good content (blushes) and help expose their work.  Best of all, it is a peer award! I believe there is a cash prize, too, right Mommy Doofus?  Right?

I did some elementary googling and couldn’t find out where the award originated, but it is inspired by the German word Lieb – love, dear, likeable, to enjoy (depending on whether it is the verb, adjective, or noun version).

There are four rules associated with accepting the award (kind of like a chain letter, but way cooler).

  • Copy and paste the award onto your blog  
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog  
  • Choose five other bloggers to give the award to, post them here and let them know via their comments
  • By spreading the love, hope that readers/other bloggers will “pay it forward”, as it were…

And now (in no particular order), I would like to present the Liebster Blog Award to…

  1. Daniel from Being Sixteen, a truly original blog that recaptures an age (um, 16) and a time (1967) through the eyes of a man remembering – sort of a Wonder Years in prose.
  2. Lauren from Miss Doubt-Fire, a stunning blog documenting the experiences of a girl working to improve low-income education in India as an IDEX Fellow – beautiful photos and even more beautiful words.
  3. Amanda from Torres Tidbits, an adorable and heartfelt blog written by a funny 30-something (Holla!) about her family – features funny stories, cute photos, and great teaching and couponing advice.
  4. Jill from The Cinquecento Project, a unique blog featuring daily highlights (5 – cinque) and a musing in paragraph form (100 – cento – words) – plus she lives in Sicily (jealous!) and has cats (yay!)
  5. Paula from Splitted Yarns, a fun and colorful blog about knitting, crafts, and daily life – including knitting patterns, tutorials, and recipes (so it’s educational!).

You ladies and Daniel ROCK!

And thank you again to Mommy Doofus/Lakshmistar!

Victory. Tastes almost as good as a grilled cheese sandwich. Almost.*

* Found on Pinterest