Yesterday, Katie at Bower Power wrote an interesting post about how the internet is like high school, with popular kids and cliques and those that may feel like they’re on the outside.  It was funny to read that perspective from a blogger I would consider “successful” – although I don’t really know what that means, because I don’t think you have to have a huge following or be able to quit your job to be a successful blogger.  I definitely think there are different and equally valid definitions of a successful blog, and the criteria for that is up to the individual blogger.


I don’t expect to ever have a huge following or become a full-time blogger, but I am enjoying the ride.  In just five months, this blog has become bigger than I ever expected – not in terms of being “famous,” but in terms of how much fun it has been and the mere fact that I have stuck with it at all.  It is “big” in my head (which does not mean my “head” is “big”).  🙂

Sometimes it stresses me out a little – like when I haven’t posted in five days or when it takes me two damn weeks to write about a trip, or to even start writing about it (ahem).  But, I had no idea how much I would love the process of writing or that I would care so much about my little corner of the internet.  Kendi at Kendi Everyday calls her blog her baby (as she likes to say, it’s a girl), and I know what she means.  My blog is by no means special or important, except that it is to me.

Sometimes I over think or question my posts, but I promised myself when I started that I wouldn’t put pressure on my writing because I didn’t want to try to be so perfect that I ended up never posting.  I just write what comes and hope it speaks to someone.  It’s cathartic for me, and a good challenge.  I don’t get thousands of hits a day or a ton of comments, but I appreciate the ones I do.  I LOVE the interaction I have with those of you that comment – that is why I have a blog instead of a journal (that and I love the blogging community and I am an over-sharer anyway).  And if you don’t comment – I still love you!  Whatevs – to each their own!

So, what the heck is the point of all this?  Well, Katie went on to say how much she appreciates her readers.  Before I had my own blog, I would sometimes see bloggers write something like that and thought they were blowing smoke up my butt.  Like, what do they care?  Now I know – this is my baby and she may not be the prettiest or smartest or richest, but she is mine and I love that she allows me to interact and connect with all of you!

Day 10: Today, I am thankful for all of YOU (seriously and for reals) for reading my silly ol’ blog and for connecting with me – you really make this fun!

Your turn!

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