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Hi, guys!  I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!  I had a tiring and wonderful day.  My colleagues and I are helping out at a statewide conference for nonprofits (I work at a nonprofit), which means that we also get to sit in on the sessions and keynote talks.  It was a long day, but full of great information and even better stories.

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Two highlights for me: learning about Friends of the Children, a Portland based nonprofit that pairs mentors (or “friends”) with at-risk youth from kindergarten through graduation.  Seriously – kindergarten through graduation!  Talk about commitment.  But the impact is incredible and the stories would make even the Tin Man cry.  Then, this evening, we were treated to a performance by children involved with a program called Life Change Ballroom, which teaches ballroom dancing to elementary school children as a tool for building confidence, social skills and coping mechanisms.  The kids were incredible – so focused and proud.  Sometimes I think maybe I’m not cut out to work in nonprofits because every time I see something sad/inspirational/moving/heartbreaking I feel like crying (it’s hard to work when you are always crying).  I need to toughen up!

Day 8: Today I am grateful for the opportunity to work in a field in which I am constantly challenged, inspired, and humbled.

Your turn!

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