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Our trip to California actually began with a trip to Tulsa.  The Sunday before we left (we flew out on a Wednesday), we packed up Ella’s food, treats, toys, meds, and accessories and drove her to my Aunt’s house.  Kudos to my Aunt Karen for catsitting for us while we were gone.  This is no easy task, I know.  Ella is the sweetest cat alive, but she also has a lot of health issues – major allergies, asthma, and some OCD behavior (seriously).  She is on a few meds, one of which is a pill.  Ever try to pill a cat?

they aren't all this appreciative*

Thankfully, she only needs it every three days, but my poor Aunt was still quite nervous!  She actually did great, but just in case she needed a little extra help, and because of Ella’s issues, I went ahead and set her up with a vet near my Aunt’s house.  Being the completely over-protective cat mom that I am, I called and spoke with the vet’s office for quite a while and had the last 12 months of Ella’s records faxed over.  I’m nothing if not obsessed prepared.

Speaking of prepared, I left my Aunt detailed instructions on everything from Ella’s eating habits to her preferred night-time snuggling methods (under the covers, curled up against your stomach).

just fyi

Front and back…

don't forget to "cuddle with mah baby!"

Ella wasn’t exactly thrilled about going (although she told me later she had a blast).

stop looking at me I am invisible

We got to my Aunt’s and got Ella settled in. After a few hours of visiting with family and doting over Ella, it was time to go.  And, yes, I did cry.  And, yes, I know that is kind of ridiculous.  It’s just that I can’t reason with her and explain that we weren’t abandoning her and we would be back very soon and ohmygoshmamastilllovesyouwaaaaah.

Then we had two crazy days of work and last minute errands and packing.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I had two crazy days.  Eric just had … days.  I have never been too girlie when it came to packing, but this trip was different…

We were going to California to attend Eric’s brother Matt’s wedding.  And this would be no ordinary wedding, no siree!  Matt’s (now) wife, Suzanne, is Vietnamese American.  She was born here, but her parents came over from the “old country,” and the family follows many Vietnamese traditions.  So this wedding would be a two-parter.  In the morning, there would be a traditional Vietnamese ceremony at her parent’s house, complete with a monk, family procession, and ao dai, followed by a Vietnamese lunch.  Then, a few hours later, there would be a western ceremony on the beach(!) with the traditional white dress and personally written vows.  At night, of course, would be the reception – featuring a 10 course dinner at the Plaza!  Add to that a Tiki party on Friday, a reception lunch, and a day at Disneyland, and I had my outfit-picking-out work cut out for me!  🙂

scored on clearance at The Gap - $60 for $270 worth of clothing! I know how to werk it, girl!

I spent weeks list-making and shopping and checking the weather forecast.  I swear I packed more for that one week in California than I did when Eric and I studied abroad in France for 6 months!  But a girl’s gotta be prepared, right?  It took me about two hours the night before we left to get everything packed.  Eric, on the other hand, spent a total of 15 minutes MAX to pack… the morning we left.

Actually, our flight was at 1:30, and I wanted to get to the airport at noon just to be safe.  At 11:00 that morning, Eric headed out the door to go to the gym (he hadn’t even packed yet) and said, “I shouldn’t be more than an hour.”

……. uhm ……. what?

Let’s just say that when we finally checked in at the airport, they put little yellow tags on our luggage with LATE written in large print and basically said something to the effect of “yeah, we’ll try but don’t hold your breath, lady” when I asked if our luggage would make it with us.

I think I should win some kind of trophy for not flipping my shit on Eric that morning.  Luckily, I didn’t, and our luggage did arrive with us after all!  All’s well that ends well, right?  However, next time we WILL ARRIVE TWO HOURS EARLY LIKE I WANT.

Jon Stewart understands**

To be continued…

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