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I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

First things first, did you all hear about the CRAZY earthquakes we’ve been having in Oklahoma this weekend?  Yeah – in OKLAHOMA!  So bizarre!  Actually, they say we get about 50/year on average, and 2010 was a big year with 1,047, but most of the time we don’t feel anything.  This weekend was different…

Early Saturday morning we had a 4.7 earthquake.  It didn’t wake us up, but I know several people who felt it from Tulsa to Oklahoma City.  They say we had about 10 aftershocks throughout the day – all very small.  Then, last night just before 11 we had another HUGE (for Oklahoma) earthquake – a 5.6!  Eric and I had a friend over, and suddenly there was a deep rumble and the entire house started shaking really hard back and forth.  Our apartment is in an old house – my guess is from the 1920s – and the thing is not very secure.  I swear every time there is a strong wind I think the walls are going to pull apart (and we have a lot of wind here!).  When it started shaking, Ella flipped out and jumped off the cat tree.  I caught her and ran to a doorway, but the house was shaking so violently someone suggested we run outside.  I think the quake lasted about a minute and was felt from Texas to Kansas.  SO WEIRD!  Apparently there was another large aftershock – 4.0 – this morning, and probably a ton of small ones since, but that was the only one I felt.  So, now we have tornadoes AND earthquakes to think about?!

Anyway … moving on…

We’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend (other than, you know, the ground shaking).  The highlight today for me was definitely taking an hour-long walk in perfect 60-70° weather with Eric.  So beautiful!  And I love our neighborhood.  It’s really walkable and has some beautiful trees.

this picture doesn't do the tree-lined-i-ness of our streets justice

Which leads me to…

Day 6: Today I am grateful for the opportunity to slow down, enjoy the trees and crisp fall air, and take a walk with Eric.  Sometimes it’s the simple things, you know?

Your turn!