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Actual conversation Eric and I had about 10 minutes ago:

[FYI: I’m having a bad couple of days.]

S – You know what would make me feel better?  If you clean the apartment while I just sit here.  It will make all of my problems go away.

E – I don’t know how to clean like you like me to clean.

S – I like how you clean the shower.

E – You don’t like how I sweep.

S – It’s true I’m a control freak about sweeping, but that’s just because dirty floors gross me out.


S – You don’t know how to sweep?

E – I don’t know how to sweep like you want me to.  I know how to sweep.


S – So, do you want to, like, sweep or something?

E – Are you going to judge or critique me?

S – No promises.

(A few minutes later.)

S – Is it weird that I just typed that whole conversation out and am thinking about putting it on my blog?

E – Yeah.

[End scene]

Day 4: Today I’m thankful that it’s Friday.  But mostly for this guy:

Your turn!