Happy Saturday, everyone!  I still need to write my vacation posts (I know you can hardly wait), but today I did this instead…

it's good to be home

I’ve also been taking care of Eric, because he has this…

I'll let you know if he starts climbing walls and trapping bad guys in webs

We don’t know what bit him, but he has been run down and achy since Thursday (he noticed it Wednesday night).  He started taking antibiotics yesterday for Cellulitis, but they switched him to a different kind that treats Lyme disease today just to be safe.  He doesn’t have the standard bullseye ring around the bite (that typifies Lyme), but we don’t want to take any chances.  I’m sure he will be fine.  If it is anything serious, we caught it super early.

We were originally planning to go to a Halloween party at my friend Kate’s house tonight. We were going to go as Sid and Nancy (pre-stabbing, because Eric’s romantic like that).  The funniest part about our costumes is that Eric already had everything he needed, including a huge chain and padlock to wear around his neck.  You see, Eric was a punk in high school.  In fact, here’s his 8th grade school picture:

watch out, world

I’m bummed we’re not going, but between my post-trip fatigue (I know, poor thing) and Eric’s radioactive bite, we are just going to stay in and have a quiet weekend.  Instead, on the agenda for tonight: eat (mac-n-cheese casserole), watch a movie (Hanna), and sleep (blissful sleep). Sounds like a good Plan B to me!

Whether you are going out or staying in, I hope you all have fun tonight!