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I’m back!  (cue the applause)

I’m sorry I went missing.  Again.  I had every intention of writing, really I did.  But I’ve been away.  Where?  Well, here’s a hint…

it was okay

I actually meant to write a bunch of blog posts ahead of time, and have them scheduled to go up while I was gone.  And then I would come back and be all, “gotcha!  you though I was here the whole time, didn’t you?  suckers, hehehe.”  But I also had to work like crazy to catch up and get ahead so I didn’t cry my first day back at work.  Priorities are a bitch sometimes.

You know what else is the B-word right now?  Oklahoma.  Evidence one:

i mean, come on

Evidence two:

nevermind i'll just go back to the beach now

Oh well.  Home sweet home, right?  It was pretty awesome to see this little girl again…

hi guys!

She hung out with my super awesome aunt while we were gone (thanks, Karen!).  I know she had a blast, but I think she’s happy to be home.  Doesn’t she look happy?

you can't make me look directly at you, don't even try

Okay, this is one rambling reunion post.  Lucky for you I have many rambling vacation posts to write soon.  Just as soon as I catch up on my sleep because ohmygod that is one thing I did NOT do while in California.  (Did you guess California?  Good job!)

In the meantime, enjoy this video.  We discovered a few years ago that Ella has a strong reaction to whistling.  Honestly, this video doesn’t really showcase her reaction to the fullest (loud meows, tiger purrs, and climbing all over us), but … eh, the apartment was clean that night and I already recorded it.  🙂

Missed you guys!  Catch ya on the flip side.