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I found myself yelling at the radio on my drive to work this morning.  Was it about the economy, you ask?  Maybe Afghanistan?  Perhaps, Sarah, you got worked up about rising obesity rates or illiteracy or any number of statistics predicting the downfall of America.  Well, these subjects all matter to me.  But that’s not what set me off.  No, it was slightly more … frivolous … but nonetheless important in my little world…

… the NBA lockout. 


If you know me in real life, you know that I am slightly obsessed with the OKC Thunder.  And if you’ve just met me through my blog, well, get ready.  The Thunder, and the anticipation of many epic games this year, is pretty much the entire reason why I even put up a “sports” category on the sidebar.  I have always loved soccer, totally dig the Olympics, proudly cheer on my Sooners, but the Thunder is the first team for whom I really embody the term “fan,” as in fanatical.  I can rattle off stats with the best of them and will defend Westbrook’s antics or Perkin’s bulldog attitude until you whimper in agreement.  They are MY TEAM.  And I want them back on the court!

oh yeah**

Why do I love them so?  It’s not just because they’re in my city.  Honestly, I don’t even remember the name of the OKC baseball team (sorry – I’m sure they’re great).

It’s because they have HEART.  They play with DIGNITY.  They KICK ASS.

can't touch this***

These boys are insanely good.  They went from one of the worst NBA records in the 2008-09 season – their first after the move from Seattle – to reach the 5th game in the Western Conference Finals in 2011.  They don’t quit.  They are talented, they are young, and they are a TEAM.  They pass, they support, they trust their teammates and show you can play with class and still dominate the game.


More than that – they are genuinely good guys who support their community.  Working in the nonprofit sector, I can tell you truly they give back, even when the press isn’t around.  This isn’t a photo op for them.

The Thunder also make me proud of my city.  Over and over announcers and other teams have commented on just how loud Thunder fans are.  I love driving around and seeing Thunder flags everywhere – on cars, in yards, on buildings – the city rallies around their team.

Theirs is the first team shirt I’ve ever bought.  And I wear it with pride.

I just damn well be able to wear it to some games this year.  #letusplay

Skip to minute 1:06 – that’s where the good stuff starts.

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