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All I can say is: be careful what you wish for.

I woke up this morning feeling quite a bit better.  Still have the sniffles, but my headache is gone, hallelujah.  So, this morning I had coffee and a nice bowl of warm oatmeal, put on a cute fall sweater and scarf (pants too), was happily having a decent hair day, and actually left on time(!).  Well, “left” may be a relative term here.  I walked out the door on time.  Got in my car, and … nada.  Dead battery (womp, womp, womp).


Everyone I know, including Eric, was already at work or on their way.  Crazy adults.  I know I should have AAA, I know, but I don’t, so stop pressuring me, okay?!   Gah.

Basically, I could have paid $$$ for someone to come out, flag someone down, wait until Eric got home for lunch and charge it (but by the time we jumped it and I drove the 45 minute commute to work, I would only really have a few hours there), or … I could call my boss and work from home.

Guess which option I chose…

first order of business: change back into my pajamas

It is the perfect day for staying in.

cloudy with a chance of awesome

I finally have an office with a window!

actually, i have 10 windows

Now, I really like my coworkers.  But I LOVE this one.

did you get the memo i sent out?

I mean, my human colleagues absolutely refuse to sit on my lap.  Weirdos.


(sidenote: Eric has warned me I am *thisclose* to having a Cat Blog.  Not the first time I’ve veered into crazy cat lady territory.)

It’s against office policy to burn candles at work.  Not in this office!


And when I need a little break, I’ve been hanging with these dudes at the water cooler outside.

heeeyyyy ... did you guys see that UFC fight last night? holy moly!

But, the best part is – and I kid you not – I have been 100000% more productive today than I’ve been all week.  Maybe I should do this more often *coughbossladycough*

i am very good at this staying home thing