Caution: self-pity ahead.

sad face

Okay, headache/sometimes migraine that I’ve had since Monday, GO AWAY.  And take this cold with you!

Things that are awesome when I’m sick:

the obligatory soup

the hippie tea

the oops-book-club-is-saturday-but-that's-okay-because-this-book-is-awesome book

the sympathetic boyfriend: "please stop taking my picture and ohmygod enough with your blog. also, i love you."

the unimpressed cat: "dude, seriously, enough with the pictures"

the ... 'nuff said

the generic drugs

I could stay home and rest.  I was tempted when I realized I’ve only taken one sick day all year and have time built up.  But I hate using my sick leave because A) work just piles up so what’s the point, and B) as soon as I do, I will come down with the alligatorflu (or whatever the most recent awkwardly-named animal-to-human doomsday illness is) and then not have enough time off.  Also, I am a GIANT BABY when I get sick, so I may be over-reacting … a little.

Do you like to bank your time off, too?  Or are you of the, eff-that-I-want-to-sleep variety?  Because I’m kind of moving into that second category as the week wears on…