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I have had a sleepy, sleepy Monday, but it is oh so worth it!  Eric and I had an AWESOME weekend; the kind where you feel the stress just float away, forget about work and bills and dishes, and get swallowed up by the things that make life beautiful.

After a lazy and quiet Saturday morning, I packed my new killer jeans, v-cut black shirt, and knee-high boots, and Eric, Ella and I hit the road for Tulsa.  Ella is actually quite the experienced little traveler, and usually just chills in one of our laps (on a pillow like a princess, of course).

first Instagram attempt - me likey

First things first, though, we needed some road food!  Enter: Chipotle (Ella didn’t seem to mind).

cutest plate EVER

Or … maybe she did?

seriously, have some respect

We saw some … interesting … vehicles on our drive…

that would be a van, pulling a sawed-off truck bed like a trailor. it also had a "handyman" sticker on it. klassy.

But finally we arrived!  We got Ella settled in at my aunt’s house, and headed to Cain’s Ballroom to see …

what happy looks like


I surprised Eric with the tickets as part of his anniversary gift back in July.  It was only part of his gift because, honestly, I almost felt guilty even offering them as a gift because I was just as excited myself.  I have wanted to see the Fleet Foxes since the moment I first heard them.  Spoiler alert: they.did.not.disappoint.

And I love the Walkmen.  I’d seen them once before, at the Norman Music Festival last spring, but Eric and I were surrounded by incredibly obnoxious children (and by children, I mean early 20s) who were more concerned with showing off for their friends than they were about the AWESOME BAND PLAYING 20 FEET IN FRONT OF THEM.  We finally moved off to the side after one of them punched me in the face while trying to hit a beach ball going around the crowd.  All that to say, I was happy they were opening for the Fleet Foxes so we could have a do-over.  (Note: in no way am I complaining about the festival, because NMF is fantastic and growing and I love it).

Okay, back to Saturday.  We got to Cain’s.  Look!  There’s Eric!


And me, too!

Oh Em Gee I am so excited, y'all!

Eric and I were pumped about how close we were.  The crowd quickly filled up and stretched to the door.  Not wanting to lose our place, we didn’t even bother trying to get drinks.  Didn’t care – the music was all that mattered.

quality of time > quality of pictures (aka I didn't take my real camera in, just my iphone, so I wasn't distracted)

I am SO GLAD we got to see The Walkmen again – under better circumstances.  They have incredible energy, and Hamilton Leithauser can belt it out like a proper motherf***er.  See?

Have you ever been at a show, and felt like you were breathing the music, inhaling (not that kind) it into your body and letting it envelop you?  I had that moment Saturday.  Several times.

And then.  Then it was time for the Fleet Foxes to take the stage.

be still my heart

My heart was racing.  Their music, along with Iron and Wine and a few others, are the audio version of my happy place.

I almost cried.  Literally, my throat got tight and I had to remind myself that people would think I was insane if they saw me cry.  Deep breaths.

A few times, I just closed my eyes and tried to forget about everything except the music.  The crowd, the room, the floor – I just wanted to forget about it all and absorb the moment.

I’ve had the good fortune to see some amazing bands, and there are plenty more I would love to see live.  But there are only a few I feel a strong emotional connection to, you know?   I felt that way when I saw Radiohead; I actually did cry when I saw U2 (when they played One); I would probably feel the same if I saw Leonard Cohen; I know I would if I saw Iron and Wine (seriously, man, PLEASE PLAY A SHOW HERE).  I definitely felt that with the Fleet Foxes.

So, yeah, it was pretty much completely awesome.

I love Cain's

After the show, we walked outside into a rainy stormy downtown Tulsa.


Actually, that picture doesn’t do it justice.  There was a ton of lightening!  So much so that the OSU-TU game was delayed until MIDNIGHT.  I heard it didn’t end until almost 4am!  Crazy!

We thought about stopping at a nearby bar, but were starving because we hadn’t had anything to eat since our Chipotle stop.  So, we stopped at the grocery store on the way back to my aunt’s and picked up a pizza and M&M cookies.  Perfect end to a perfect evening.  Sorry – no pictures of the pizza or cookies.  I was too busy gobbling them up!  🙂