Happy Friday, everyone!  No, seriously.  Happy freakin’ Friday!  I couldn’t be more ready for a long weekend.  And does everyone know what tomorrow is?  Here’s a hint…

Boomer Sooner!  It’s football and falling leaves and jacket-wearing time!  Even if it is still 100° outside.  Which brings me to another fantastic piece of news:


I know.  I couldn’t believe it either. We might even get some much needed rain!  I plan to buy groceries tomorrow and stay in and cook most of Sunday.  #cantwait (yeah, I hashtagged it, what?)

Also, do you see what I see?

September 10th is just around the corner.  And it looks like it will be a beautiful morning for my first 5k.  At this point, I know I won’t be running the entire distance (and may be lucky to run at all), but I still plan to do it, and I still plan to have a great time.  I’m planning to write an in-depth post this weekend about why I’m not running it and where I’m at with … everything.  But for now, let’s talk about shopping, m’kay?!

We closed up the office early today, so I actually got to start my long weekend this morning.  So, what does a girl who gets off early on a Friday do?  In particular, a girl in need of a new dress for an upcoming wedding?  Why, she goes to the new outlet mall, of course!  The Outlet Shoppes at OKC opened about a month ago, but I’ve A) not had any time to check them out yet, and B) have avoided the opening-mob-mania like the plague.  But now that things have settled down, I was super pumped to go see what all the fuss was about.

I have to say I liked it.  It’s smaller than most outlet malls, but I honestly prefer that because I can take about 2 hours of shopping TOPS before I start to short circuit and run for the car.  On my way there I realized I should have called a friend to come along, but I ended up really enjoying just moseying around by myself.  At first I tried to power shop, but my hunger got the best of me so I decided to go ahead and stop at the food court.  I’m so glad I did!  It was fun to just eat a slice of pizza and people-watch.

Side story: I got an iPhone(!) last week – my phone was literally falling apart and Best Buy had a special deal where they were actually giving iPhones away (the 3GS) with a new contract to AT&T.  It was a major upgrade.  Seriously, check out the phone I’ve been lugging around for the last 5 years!


Anyway, I am definitely glad I got it, but when I did I promised Eric I wouldn’t become one of those people.  You know, the kind that can’t seem to sit by themselves (or even with other people) for more than 10 seconds without playing around with their phone.  I love technology, but sometimes I wonder if people have lost the ability to just BE.  It’s like they need constant stimulation or they don’t know what to do.  SO, that rant said, I stayed true to my word and resisted any urge to play with my phone.  Instead, I sat outside under a nice umbrella and took in my surroundings.  It was lovely.  And so was this:


Pinapple froyo with shredded coconut, strawberries, blueberries, and granola.  YUM!

Well, I never ended up finding a dress. 😦  But I did find a great new fall jacket!  I’ve actually needed one for the last two years, but never found one I liked.  I usually just whined about being cold until it was actually cold enough to break out my winter coat.  Yeah, Eric is a lucky man.

So, without further ado, my new jacket!

Check out them buttons

You’re excited.  I can tell.

By 2pm I was DONE (2 hour wall), and headed home, where I attempted to nap (unsuccesfully), cleaned the apartment (successfully), and am now settling in to do this:

Pad thai, beer, and a French horror film - party time!

Have a wonderful night, everyone!