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Sorry folks!  I went a little MIA this week (as in the military acronym, not the Sri Lankan rapper).  I know, I know.  You were on the edges of your seats, just not knowing WHAT to do with yourself if you couldn’t read my blog.  I’m sorry.

I don’t have a great excuse.  Just crazy, crazy work.  And I had the pleasure of dropping $650 on my car this week.  That’s unrelated to why I haven’t been writing, I’m just really not happy about it.  But it was either that or have my brakes go out or a wheel fall off (yeah, both of those things were options) while I was hurtling down the highway.  So I picked option 1.

Well, as the title suggests, this steak-loving girl is now a vegetarian, or, more accurately, a flexitarian.  It kind of happened on accident.  I love veggies and have always eaten a lot of them, and I’ve thought about making the switch for a while.  Then, about a month ago, I realized it had been a week since I’d had any meat – without thinking about it, my natural choices had all been vegetarian.  So I thought, what the hell, I guess now’s a good time to try it out!  I was really surprised to find that I haven’t missed meat at all, and the longer I go, the more it kind of grosses me out.  I have also felt healthier, more energized, and “lighter.”  Of course, it’s hard to know what is from that and what’s from running, but I do know I feel better.

These are vegetables!*

So, why did I want to do this?  It’s a combination of working towards a healthier lifestyle, my own personal feelings about factory farming, and just really liking vegetables!  And nobody is more surprised than me.  I was a butcher for a year in my early 20s, and figured if that didn’t sway me, nothing would!  But this didn’t end up being a big decision, just a natural evolution.

Not actually me**

So, flexitarian can mean several things – hence the “flexible” aspect, so for now here’s how I define it for myself:

I will eat:

  • Veggies, legumes, nuts, fruit, dairy (except milk because GROSS), and most carbs – basically stuff I always ate before
  • Not sure about fish on a regular basis, but I will eat sushi because YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY SUSHI AWAY
  • Meat on special occasions or if I’m really craving it (Christmas ham!, BBQ at the lake!), and if I’m in someone else’s home and they serve it to me
  • Geletan – I know it’s gross, but I love starburst (and skittles and other such awesome things)

I will not eat:

  • Meat on a regular basis – and maybe not ever (?) if I just really don’t want it – so far I have zero interest in it
  • Fish, most of the time?

So – I really don’t feel deprived.  I’ve actually had more fun and look forward to eating (even more than usual!) because taking a typical staple out of the diet tends to make you more creative.  Plus, Whole Foods is opening right next to my work soon, and Natural Grocers just opened up a couple blocks from our apartment!  This could get expensive…

Luckily, Eric is a pretty healthy eater, so he has been totally game to try new veggie dishes.  But, I do think it’s thrown him for a bit of a loop since I’m the only cook of the household.  One day, about two weeks in, he kind of stopped and said, “Wait, are you seriously doing this?”  Guess he expected me to cave!  I’ve further confused him by not drinking for the past month or two.  I wasn’t really drinking a lot before, but liked a little (okay, big) glass of wine most nights after dinner (god, isn’t that middle-class-old-and-boring sounding?).  I don’t know if it’s the heat or my running, but I just haven’t wanted any alcohol.  I even got plain tonic water at Eric’s show last night.  He looked so disappointed.  Lucky for him that is one habit I’m sure I’ll resume at some point.  😉

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