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Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m trying to have a better attitude today than last week.  It’s Monday one way or another, right?

I got up to run this morning, and it felt great!

(Um, sidenote: if I heard someone say that a couple of years ago, I would have wanted to slap them.  I guess people can change, huh?!)

Actually, my last four runs have felt awesome, which has totally helped my confidence.  I’m right on track (according to my new expectations), which gives me hope I can actually, you know, do this.  I knew that I would improve if kept at it, but it’s hard to hold onto that in the beginning.  It’s nice to finally start seeing some progress!  I think I’ve jumped the first hurtle of really pushing hard and surprising myself by doing more than I thought I could.  It’s all mental, right?!

In full disclosure, I haven’t been keeping up with yoga or strength training like I should.  Of course, with this week’s forecast, I might need to focus on that and/or running indoors.

Seriously, weather, what the hell? This isn't funny.

This weather makes me long for the ocean.  If we’re having tropical temperatures anyway, we might as well be at the beach with fruity frozen drinks in our hands, right?  Well, at least it’s Shark Week!  I never got into it before, but I’m really looking forward to it now!  For a few hours a night, I can pretend to be at the beach … (minus the shark attacks, hopefully) …


What about you?  Do you get into Shark Week?  Are you also feeling slightly murderous with these temperatures?  Or do you think people just need to accept it’s summer and stupid hot and move on?