On any given weekday morning, Eric and I can be found running about our apartment drinking coffee, finding something to wear, dammit why is everything dirty, drinking coffee, brushing our teeth, feeding Ella, packing a lunch, drinking coffee, looking for our keys …  it’s quite the ordeal trying to get ready for work.  Being an adult is hard.  Not even kidding.  A year into my first 9-5 (ha!) job, and it’s still a struggle to get up (so early!) and get to work on time.  And then, most mornings, we open the door to find this:

"Oh my god, woman, I have been waiting here for an hour." - Gray Kitty

Or this:

"Please, just a bite? I'm clearly starving here." - Boomer

Or this:

"Feed me before I pop a cap in yer ass." - Suge, aka Suge Knight

Once it was even this:

"Who invited this chicken or hen or whatever?" - Suge

Even when we feed them, we get this:

"What? You couldn't spring for another plate so we could both eat at the same time?"

And we are inevitably late because we now have a hoard of street cats who seem to magically appear around breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime.  And we couldn’t possibly just walk by them and be on time.  Did you see those eyes?  Priorities, people!

And then I have to go back inside and pet Ella again to make sure she knows she’s still my Number One.

Sirsly – isn’t she the sweetest?

Yes, I am naturally this adorable.

What?  I am NOT a crazy cat lady!  Didn’t you see the hen?  A hen is not a cat, so technically, I am just crazy.*

*As I typed this we heard a noise and found Boomer and Gray Kitty outside meowing for dinner.  Right on time.

In other news, something very sad and which I do not want to talk about finally happened today.  The first of my two closest work friends left.  Today, it was Anne.  In three weeks, Allie.  😦  And then, what am I supposed to do?  Work?  The whole time?!!  Who will I email weird links and funny stories to?  Hmmmm?  Who will I yell at whenever something pops into my head (because I’m too lazy to get up and walk all the way to their office to speak at a normal volume like a grown up)?  Girls, you will be missed.  Except for that we also have to go out for drinks and lunch (not at the same time) and do other things, too, even after we don’t work together.  I don’t want to talk about it!

This is Anne. She is telling me she's going to miss me.