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Okay, I am really going to try to post regularly, but it took me all week to come up with a name for this silly blog, and I just couldn’t think of a new post until I got that settled.  (Although I did update the About and Cast of Characters pages, so check it out!  Like right now!)

Anyway, here are the top five highlights from the week …

1.  Fourth of July

Such fun!  We spent it with Eric’s family, and I am seriously one lucky gal to have them as “in-laws.”  They are like a second family to me, and with my family (at least) several hours away, I love having them so near!

They live on a golf course, so we took chairs and golf carts to the greens and watched the fireworks from there.  Eric’s niece, Claire, and nephew, Cooper, were really excited about all the action.

We were actually pretty close to the fireworks.   The instant the first *boom* of the fireworks sounded, Cooper (3) started screaming


Apparently, not a huge fan of loud noises.

The adults tried to calm him down, but he was having none of it.  The kid was in serious survival mode, so his dad took him inside and away from the exploding fire-death-bombs and the insane people watching them.  Meanwhile, Claire (not yet 2), was fascinated, and kept saying “wow,” and “pretty,” over and over.  So flippin’ adorable!

2.  The weather …

… makes me want to cry.

It has also inspired me to resume my ridiculous habit of googling Denver real estate.

Actually, today’s high was 111°, but I took the screen shot around 6pm so 108° was actually cooler.  Gah.

Here are some fun facts about the weather in my area from weather.com:

  • 100-degree days through July 8: 19
  • Annual average is only 10, so this number has almost doubled.
  • Friday was the 10th consecutive day with 100-degree temperatures.
  • Most 100-degree days in a year: 50 in 1980
  • Forecast: 100s continue for the foreseeable future.

Awesome.  I picked the perfect time to start running.

3.  Eric and I finally got groceries today.  We were basically out of everything, so I asked him to start the list while I got ready and I would just add to it.  Here is what he handed me:

Guess who does the cooking around here.  😉

4.  Oh yeah, the race I signed up for. 

I put together a training plan.  No idea if it is reasonable yet, but it’s at least a start!  I made it so that I am actually training to be able to run a Quarter Marathon (10.5K) by October 15, even though I haven’t signed up for it yet.  This way, my 5K on September 10 can be my first race experience, but I’m actually working toward a bigger goal.  And I will have no shame if I have to drop down to a 5K for October 15.  There are two races I am considering – the Williams Route 66 Quarter Marathon in Tulsa, or the Race for the Cure 5K in Oklahoma City.  They’re both on the same day, so I’ll decide closer to time when I know how I’m doing with the training.

For now, I’m going to focus on the HOPE in OK 5K in just nine short weeks! *gulp*  I am totally pumped, though, because my friend Allie is going to run it with me!  And it will be her first race, too, so we can really encourage each other and not feel alone with our inexperience!  🙂

So, without further ado, here is my training plan:

Guess I’m going to need to actually do it, now, huh?

5.  I’m kind of out of things to write about, but … 

Ella did this, and it was cute:

Hope you’re all (haha – that’s funny – not sure if anyone even reads this) having a good Saturday!  I’m making my famous* Mediterranean Pasta tonight, so look for it under the recipes tab tomorrow!

*Okay, it’s not actually famous.  But it should be.